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I love thunderbird and recently upgraded to 102. The new look is beautiful and more user friendly (thanks), but the lack of rtl support was a disappointment. This simple thing is critical for anyone writing in Arabic or Hebrew. Currently the only way to do this is by going into the "format" advanced setting, and selecting dir = rtl for EVERY SINGLE EMAIL. 

I found a strange work around, which is making a signature in a <div> that has css and dir="rtl", but this hardly an answer. I have a number of email accounts and cannot include this work around in all of them. 

Every software with support for RTL languages has a keyboard shortcut to change direction as well as a button within the font selection. If Thunderbird could support this one feature, it would be perfect in my eyes.  Thanks for your time, and I look forward to (maybe) seeing this in a future version. Cheers

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