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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

I really like the RSS feature in Thunderbird and I want to make it even better

Every RSS comes with an internet site, could there be a Pocket button to "save page to Pocket" like in Firefox?

It should be nice if you can

Best regards

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Strollin' around


New member

Thanks for the 32 bit T-bird 102 install, but I was functionally happy with the prior version. Not aware that I'm unhappy with 102 -- with one exception, so far.

Please, no aggregation of "threads" ("subject lines) in the index listings by subject -- ordered by with the original subject "date".  I often -- usually -- first look for emails by (general) date -- the LAST date of the last email -- that may be months later that the original date at the start of the thread (we're not texting here, are we?). Please provide the ability to toggle -- back and forth -- between both orderings (if that doesn’t already exist). I do expect to entirely lose the ability to find some email with the current “aggregated” system. Can I not toggle to a completely “date ordered” listing?

I would very much welcome an ability to upgrade all 32 bit versions to newer 64 bit versions -- keeping 32 bits (for known territory) until 64 bits are stable, fully learned and fully productive -- especially with LibreOffice (would like to keep both for different key strokes).

Mucho Thanks,


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Hi Jui Pin, in the meantime you can forward any RSS article directly to Pocket by sending it to via one of the email addresses you've associated with your Pocket accounts - not as convenient as a share to Pocket button, but does the same.

Strollin' around

RSS is great - but it's not email, and doesn't need to be integrated into an email client. Email is inherently two-way, personal, private. RSS and the web are public and one-way. These very different modes of communication are best kept clearly separate.

Personally, I use Usenet, ftp, Discord and other communications apps - but I have not the slightest wish to see them taking up space in my email client, or potentially compromising its security.

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If you're using thunderbird to pull your RSS feeds (as I do), then can't Thunderbird itself keep those references as a to-read for you? Why use one application to manage the subscriptions just to forward them on to another application?

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If you integrate such feature, please be more flexible than just pocket. There are a lot of read-it-later-clones like wallabag, ...

Strollin' around
@flybirdis just perfectly right! Also: