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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

I recall in previous versions of Firefox being able delete history of specific websites with ease both in the address bar itself and in History/Library window.

For example, in the address bar, I would input an address of a site I don't want to be suggested or be seen, I mouse or keypad over to it and press Delete and it would remove that particular link. And barring myself going to that particular address again a sufficiently often enough time, it wouldn't get brought back up in recommended addresses when I start typing.

Now, for the History/Library window example, I recall being able to search for a site and all other similar pages, select it all and press the Delete key, or spend an extra second to right click and select Delete Page or Forget About This Site buttons. And seeing results for this...

Except nowadays, there's no tangible seeming results. It's still in the History/Library window. Delete key doesn't work, the right-click dropbar menu options of Delete Page or Forget About This Site do not work in any form. I tried restarting the browser, restarting the computer itself, it's like a vestigial feature or something. Like viewing images in their own tab, which you also could in the past, but was relegated to 'open in new tab' and had to be fixed for myself by getting an extension specifically to get that button back.

Regardless, the Clear Recent History option is probably going to work, if nothing else, but the problem here is, I want granular control of my History back. I want to be able to type something up without seeing same old suggestions or surgically excise a specific site without having to nuke my entire search history.

It's like asking the gardener to deal with the weeds in the garden and the only thing the new one can do is kill all of it, while the old one was able to do the job without destroying the garden.

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