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New member
Status: New idea

Every time one closes and reopens the Firefox Android app, it sets back every tab's desktop view to mobile view. This doesn't make sense when the user left the page in desktop mode. I would like the app to retain the mobile/desktop state after restarting the application.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

New member

This isn't particularly a new idea.  There dozens of requests for a permanent desktop mode, especially on tablets, going back several years.  Sadly, each one doesn't get "that many" (critical mass) votes before being closed.  If they were all counted in aggregate over the years, I suspect  it would amount to several hundred requests.

New member

I think it should be regarded as a bug fix rather than an 'idea'. I think you'd struggle to find someone who went out of their way to set a tab to desktop mode who would also say they are glad Firefox mobile reverts that action for them. The only way I even found this thread was from a web search trying to discover a way to make it stop doing that.