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Hi Folks,

Long-time user, first time submitter.  I typically run my browser with multiple open tabs.  I'll also configure settings to (1) delete cache and cookies on exit, (2) remember what tabs I have open, and (3) to restore those tabs the next time I open the browser.  I do this with Chrome (used to) and now Brave.

But I can't do it on Firefox.  I've found that if I set the browser to delete history/cookies on exit, that Firefox can't find its way to back to the tabs I had open.  But if I allow FF to retain history, it can find the tabs.  Brave has no problem with re-opening tabs even with history deleted on shutdown.  Neither does Chrome.  Only Firefox.

I know this is a minor annoyance, but I like to have parity operations between the different browsers that I use.


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