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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

when you click on empty space near the tabs there should a option to restore last session when you open a new windows instead of no option

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Can you explain it a bit more? Restoring last session exists in Main menu -> History, but where exactly do you want to put it?

New member

I have a related (or the same) problem.

I had one window open with dozen of tabs and another with a single tab.

Now Microsoft decided the system had to be closed down and did this without any further warning.

When I start Firefox after this, the window with the single tab opens and although I can 'restore previous session', that only restores this window with the single tab, but I would want to restore the window with the dozens of tabs.

These tabs represent a lot of work and point to web pages where I am interested in and/or am working with.

Although from the history, I can retrace some of these pages (those that I have used recently), others remain gone and I have to dig deep in my memory to find out exactly where they were pointing to.


Hi rviet, you can get faster support on Mozilla Support, the Firefox subreddit, or on mozillaZine forums (links below).

But first a general comment: if Firefox restored even one window, check the History menu for "Recently Closed Windows" to restore up to three others.

User-to-user support options:

Hope one of those helps.

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I have always checked the option in preferences under startup of 'open previous windows and tabs'. Recently Firefox deletes all my tabs when restarting the computer. I hate hate hate this!! And there is no 'restore tabs from previous session' option anywhere.

Strollin' around

@SteMYa i know that but its still need to be moved to context menu as currently its just a grayed out reopen last tab would be better ux

chrome has excellent implementation of same feature i speak of