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Status: New idea
Hi all!
I'd like to have the same resize behavior in Thunderbird as in Outlook.
When the Thunderbird window is not maximized and I arrange the panes: list of messages and message preview pane, they look OK and optimized. But after I maximize the window, the size of both panes are fixed and big gap appears in between them.
Outlook has the smart approach to resize the message preview pane, so the window real estate is used optimal. 
The best is to see the images of both programs.
1.  Thunderbird not maximized

2. Thunderbird maximized - big gap, preview pane narrow and fixed width 

3. Outlook - not maximized

4. Outook maximized - preview pane widened to fit  


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Community Manager

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New member

The same happens when moving between two monitors of different resolution. If the maximized view is optimized for the lower-resolution monitor, the gap will appear on the higher-resolution monitor. And if the columns are optimized for the higher-resolution monitor, the columns are too narrow for the lower-resolution monitor.

Being able to fix the "Inbox" width to a set number of pixels would help tremendously.