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Status: New idea

Dear Mozilla Team,

I am a regular user of the Firefox Android app and I would like to request a feature enhancement.

Currently, whenever you highlight text and then click on copy, all of the highlighted text disappears.

This makes it difficult to verify if the text has been successfully copied.

I kindly request that you consider adding a feature where the highlighted text remains visible after clicking on copy, allowing users to easily verify the copied text.

This small but significant improvement would greatly enhance the user experience and make the text copying process more seamless.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I appreciate your continuous efforts in improving the Firefox browser, and I believe that this enhancement would be a valuable addition for many users.


List of Possible Benefits:

1. Improved user experience
2. Enhanced text copying process
3. Reduced uncertainty when copying text
4. Easier verification of copied text
5. Seamless text highlighting and copying
6. Increased productivity
7. Better support for research and note-taking
8. Reduced frustration when dealing with copied text
9. Clearer feedback on text copying actions
10. Enhanced usability for users with accessibility needs
11. Streamlined content sharing
12. Facilitated content extraction for personal use
13. Improved support for educational purposes
14. Enhanced support for professional use
15. Reduced likelihood of errors in text copying
16. Better integration with Android system features
17. Enhanced feature parity with other mobile browsers
18. Improved user satisfaction
19. Simplified content management
20. Better support for content repurposing
21. Enhanced support for language learning
22. Improved support for content translation
23. Streamlined social media sharing
24. Easier citation and reference management
25. Enhanced support for content analysis
26. Improved support for content curation
27. Simplified data entry in web forms
28. Better support for personal organization
29. Enhanced support for collaborative work
30. Improved support for content-based applications

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Community Manager

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