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I am sure you are aware of the Firefox Printer Dialog Box and its short comings.  As a writer, Firefox Printer Dialog Box is a pain the rear to use.  Nearly every time I click on the “Print” icon, I know I am going to have to go to the bottom of the box and click on System Printer Dialog Box.  From reading items on the Firefox box in the community comments (please read those comments), most Firefox readers agree with me.  Firefox has taken several steps backwards by creating its own Printer Dialog Box.

Here is what I need.  I need collated printing, especially when I print large articles for distribution.  I need to be able to print a range of pages (2-5, 4-6).  I need to customize my margins on print out.  I need to direct # of boxes per page especially for thought comments.  I need shades of color and black.  Lastly, I have a family and work late at night to all night, I need a quiet mode.  All of these features are offered in the System Printer Dialog Box.  So, why not just give Firefox users the System Dialog Box?

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I have a similar issue but it's for printing price tags and receipts.

let us choose to use the system dialog with a toggleable check box...

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I am on a Mac and MUCH prefer the Mac system dialog print box over the one from Firefox.  However, I cannot change the default even after changing the preference in about:conig   print.tab_modal.enabled to false.  It seems to have no effect on Firefox for Mac 98.0.1

Is there a default work around?  Thinking about switching to Safari because the Firefox printit is such a pain

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The Firefox-specific print dialog is too simple to be useful. There is no option to select a printer-option present, as in the MacOS system print dialog or any option to specify printer-specific settings. Also, the Save as pdf option does not include settings for title, author, subject, keywords, or security options. Taking away the option to set the system print dialog as the default was a mistake.

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Now, how do I do that?

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I also have to go to the System dialog box every single time.  I often have to print selections.  That is now about a 4 step process.  I also have a two paper cassette printer.  I cannot choose which paper to use from the new printer box.  I absolutely hate this new system.  I waste so much time going back and forth trying to print selections and choosing my paper cassette.  It is infuriating.  

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This is YET ANOTHER example of FF's race to the bottom with Chrome. If I wanted a "Chrome Experience", I'd run Chrome. De-contenting software ala-Apple, dumbing down for smartphone users, etc, etc drives me NUTS. I would have dumped FF years ago because of decontenting issues as well as new "features" nobody asked for, EXCEPT I have yet to find anything that isn't even worse...

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When I Open the Print Dialog box:

1) it includes printers that are no longer in the system.  Not sure where Firefox takes the info, but IT is a pain to deal with it.

2) it uses the Default HP print name instead of the system name but only print the first x characters.  making it impossible to remember which one is which.  It does not even offer a tool tip when hovering on top of the shorten name so we can figure out what to choose. 

Definitively not one of the Strong point of Firefox.


Strollin' around

What happened to being able to make our own choice if we want to use FireFox print dialog or system dialog? Now when I check use system dialog and print, nothing happens, I'm being forced to use FireFox print dialog. I simply don't want to use FireFox print dialog.

You also took away the choice of allowing or deny a web site access my location. Once again shouldn't that be left up to the user?

Making moves

Out of frustration with the new FF print dialog I am indeed using the system print dialog instead.  However, this is only a stopgap measure, as it deprives me of a print preview and several other useful features (e.g. simplified print) which the older FF print preview provided.  This is a classic example of a backfired attempt to "improve" what already worked well!  Instead of substituting the system print dialog for the ill-conceived new FF print dialog, please reinstate the old FF print UI, with the excellent "Print Preview" feature!

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This still is a problem.  Print using the system dialog change in about:config will not stick.

When will the update allow this change back to the system dialog?

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Setting about:config   print.tab_modal.enabled to false used to work until about version 95 or so, now it's not working anymore, even in Thunderbird (which I suppose shares the same code). I have lots of automated keyboard macros which use the main print dialogue of macOs and having to scroll the Firefox/Thunderbird own print dialogue to access the os main one is really disturbing.

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The option about:config   print.tab_modal.enabled does not work anymore (since version 97, I think) to directly show the os printer page. This is very annoying for us all relying heavily on keyboard shorctuts implemented on the os printer interface of macOS. This is even more annoying in the sibling application Thunderbird, which apparently shares the same code for printing of Firefox. Irrespective of how useful, rich, fantastic, complete, etc. the Firefox/Thunderbird print dialogue is, it is not a size which fits all, and the option of jumping directly to the sistem printer dialogue should be retained as an option, even if it's an obscure one ("tab-modal" is definitely a non-self-explaining tag).

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I agree 100% with @Aniawa and @altomalto

The MacOS dialogue box is well thought out and works perfectly. No other browser or app that I use tries to reinvent this part of the MacOS - Firefox has tried and failed.

Please admit failure, and give us back the basic functionality we need.

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I finally found the way to enable the Mac OS X system print dialogue in the recent versions of Mozilla Firerfox and Thunderbird (I presume it works for other OSs as well). Open the configuration editor (and read the warning! Messing withconfiguration paramenters without knowing what they are can impact the program performance or security). For Firefox, type about:config in the address bar and then "accept the risk and continue". For Thunderbird, go to Settings->General, scroll to the end of page, and click "Config Editor..."

In the search bar of the config editor search for "print.prefer_system_dialog" and change it to "true" from "false" by simply double-clicking it. Done! As this config item clearly indicates, now the print system dialog opens instead of the custom Mozilla one.

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So after seeing how many other people have the same negative reaction to the Firefox/Thunderbird print dialogue, how can I just get to the system printer choices easily?  Is anything being done to solve this irritation?