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Status: New idea

The bookmark keyword feature was available on the old Firefox for Android app, but it was never introduced on the new app.

This is a great feature still available for the Desktop version of Firefox and I really miss it on Android. In the past, bookmarks with a keyword would seamlessly sync between the Desktop and Android apps and the keyword would work as expected on both apps.

Please reintroduce bookmark keyword on Firefox for Android!

New member

Would like the same for the iOS/iPadOS version of Firefox.

New member

YES! This! 🙏

New member

This is the main reason that I installed Firefox on my Android. I had setup short keywords for all my bookmarks, which made everything soooo fast to navigate. I naturally assumed that this was part of the synced data, but was so dissappointed to find that it is not supported on Android. Even worse, all the bookmarks I saved on my desktop are hidden multiple clicks deep in the settings screen.

I love the synced bookmarks feature for how I can work and move between devices. I would love to see this to be prioritised.

New member

I really miss the bookmark keyboard feature as well on Firefox for Android, especially with the variable %s which is really useful on the desktop while looking for man pages or dictionaries.

New member

I love bookmarks! Really miss them both on android and iPad

New member

Yes please. I need this for search shortcuts as Search providers are not synced between devices.