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Status: New idea

Sometimes I'd like to remove cookies and data just for a specific website, rather than all of my browser history, website settings, cache and cookies. The "forget about this site" function on Desktop does this.

On Android, deleting website data also clears your entire browsing history (as suggested to be changed here). This makes it especially annoying when you don't want it to be cleared, just the rest. It's annoying that the history is tied to website data, when you want the one thing cleared but not the other.

On Desktop, you can open your history and right click the site to "forget about this site". This will remove cookies, all history entries related to that domain, as well as basically anything the browser has stored about that domain (including bookmarks as far as I remember).

In addition to my above request, the "forget about this site" function should have options to choose from which things you'd like it to be deleted, rather than everything without a choice (on Desktop as well as Android, if implemented at any point).

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

"Clear cookies and site data" already exist on FF Nightly.

Press Lock icon on Address Bar to access it. It clear the current domain cookies+data.

I have no ideas if this already arrive on FF Stable or not.

New member

dLeon .. its not the same , and it dosnt do anything .. the site and every url will remain in history

Strollin' around

larcn. I think what you described lies on other issue. Firefox histories that keep lingering somewhere. They might need to solve that first before adding any other buttons or whatever.

New member

Yes Please! This is the one feature I miss the most on Android. I look forward eagerly towards it being integrated.

Making moves

I want this too. It would make it easy to delete incriminating websites.

New member

This would be great!