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Status: New idea

This proposal aims to enhance the user experience for Firefox users. By adding a proxy status indicator to the Firefox user interface, users will be able to see the status of their proxy connection. This indicator can be displayed as an icon or a text indicator in the Firefox toolbar and can represent the connection status with different colors or symbols; for example, green for a successful connection to the proxy and red for a disconnected proxy. This feature helps users easily determine whether the proxy is currently active or not, and quickly informs them of any connection issues. Adding a proxy status indicator to Firefox will significantly improve the user experience for Firefox users.

When the proxy is turned on in Firefox
Sometimes there is a problem with the proxy connection
The person does not know that the problem is not connecting the proxy properly.
Or he doesn't know that he is using Firefox while the proxy is on.
I recommend that you put a mark in Firefox to indicate when the proxy is active and also report its connection status with a mark.

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Community Manager

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