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Strollin' around

While we're at it, it'd be great to have the developper edition in some distros package managers, or a flatpak, snap, even AppImage. Anything rather that a big compressed directory.

Seems relevant since Linux usage is almost the standard for devs (data brought to you by the Institute of self-persuasion)

Well, it's at least commonplace

Making moves

@cassepipe, I wholeheartedly agree. The basic work has already been completed for `flatpak` and `snap`, and would surely only require some to copy and paste an identical (except for name) manifest for each version!

This is barely a technical decision. It's much more a marketing decision.

Making moves
  1. Could you post links, @BEEDELLROKEJULI ?
  2. When I build Nightly, it doesn't show up in the GNOME menu or Dock (makes me use command line...)
Making moves


sudo snap install firefox --edge

flatpak install flathub-beta org.mozilla.firefox

are what I referred to. Their versions are darn close to Firefox Nightly, so all that is necessary to provide Snap and Flatpak packages is to provide flatpak and snap manifests within the relevant (Mercurial?) source directory/directories, or edit the current manifest for snap and flatpak to support less stable versions and publish with different metadata.

I can't help you with making the actual changes though, and your problem appears to be entirely different, since you're referring to local creation of .desktop files rather than server-side support for Appstream Metadata and .deb or .rpm packaging efforts.

Making moves

I think the correct implementation is to put my desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications

GNOME can be [undocumented] sometimes