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Status: New idea

I'd love to have the ability to pre-assign domains to specific containers. Containers is a promising privacy tool, but the current containers feature is very hard to use. I keep forgetting to open tabs in the right container or right-clicking certain links to open the right container. It requires too much explicit commitment from users to live to the promise.

I'd rather pre-assign domains to a container so that a page from an assigned domain always opens in the right container without additional effort from the user. Example, assign to the facebook container. Everytime I open a facebook link, the link automatically opens the page in the facebook container. Awesome.

Making moves

While this feature already exist, this post points out one thing :
It's not trivial to do.
I think MultiAccountContainer should have easy "Facebook Container", "Amazon Container", "Google Container" etc... Because right now you either have to make your long list of domains yourself and delete old cookies or use a lot of unknown extensions.

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I've setup preassigned containers twice. for example  New York Times and Washington Post in newspapers,  bank and credit cards in Money etc. They work great until Firefox updates then although the containers are still there what was preassigned to them is not.

Making moves


The Mozilla 98.0.1 Update WIPED OUT my Multi-Accounts Addon and cheerfully announced that Mozilla/Firefox had this cool new feature (EVIDENTLY "inspired by" the Multi-Accounts addon), that they called CONTAINERS.

Could I easily port out all of the containers and their settings I had stored with the Multi-Accounts addon? NOPE

Mozilla wiped out the one feature I used daily, for years.

And made no mention of it in their Update Info nor in the Forums here

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Yes, and let users specity the container along with the bookmark, too!

Making moves

The Addon "Temporary Containers" does an awesome job, but yes, if containers are supposed to be an easy to use feature, there need to be easy settings for them to be assigned, with common tracking sites listed etc.

But this ootb from Firefox isnt likely, as they are sponsored by Amazon and Google, so having it integrated would still allow for it to be integrated into Arkenfox, Librewolf, Mull etc.

What we shouldnt forget is that mobile sucks in comparison, there are no containers etc. at all.

Strollin' around

At my job there are many different sites and subdomains, so I'd like to assign wildcards to a container, so if I can say *.work.example I no longer have to assign {hr,intranet,wiki,mail,vpn}.work.example separately.