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Status: New idea

While mobile Firefox OS was certainly a difficult challenge, I don't think it would be as reckless on a desktop or laptop. I think it's dangerous for something like Chrome OS to become popular, and it is worth competing against. Would the OS like below be possible?

  • Fully open source
  • Strong security and privacy protection
  • User-friendly
  • Active use of web apps
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Great to hear you've tried Zorin OS @Anonymous! You're right it isn't perfect and you may have to manually install some software. I have not tried the font manager yet, but like all Linux distros, they continue to be developed and I am sure they will takke your feedback on. It's good to know it works well on your PC well.

The interesting thing about Zorin is they only release full OS updates once a year so it means when they do, it's probably well tested so the experience is good for everyone. I like it on my laptop and will continue to use it. Firefox and Thunderbird seem to work well too.

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In a perfect world, Firefox OS could return in some form. As it stands now, I don't think Mozilla has the resources to main such a project. Installing Linux is the best option.

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@s1fly I think there is value in open source development by the community as a whole, including users as well as developers. If a large number of people work together, it is possible to surprise big businesses.

I hope that Firefox will continue to be like that, but to tell the truth, I am frustrated that ideas that have the support of many people do not make it to the development stage, or that Discussions are not constructive.

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@CyborgZeta You're certainly right, and given the fact that Firefox is needed by many open source operating systems, it's more important to keep the fire going.

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@AnonymousYou are right about the value of open source and products being developed with a community. Although I've used Firefox for quite a long time on various OSs, I've only recently joined this community.  I can see lots of ideas with a lot of support, I guess we can only hope that they will be picked up sometime.

It would be good to see a roadmap for development.

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This is off-topic, but despite ZorinOS having Firefox pre-installed, there are a noticeable number of users who use Brave. I know how Brave was developed so I am not brave enough to use it.

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ChromeOS needs an open-source Firefox based alternative.

There was a FirefoxOS project. But it was aimed at mobile devices. It was the foundation for what now is KaiOS (

The most versatile human interface today is the browser. And it is platform independent.

Please restart FirefoxOS, but this time for desktop and mobile.


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I'm already trying to replicate Firefox os on my pixel. by deleting any app and creating a website shortcut or pwa version if applicable. if they revitalize it or even made a desktop version that is similar to chromeos flex where I can just download it. I would be sold.