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Making moves
Status: New idea

For now, when we try to input some words in the new tab search box, the ui will jump to the address bar.

This experience is so strange.....

Maybe we can refer to what the Edge do...


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I sometimes wonder if changes are made simply to make them. The way FF now tries to force us to use the URL bar to do searches seems to be one of these changes. My preference would be to be able to specify my favourite search engine as the new tab page and let me search from there, as I used to do. After all, searching and loading a site are two different things. As it is, the suggestions become a confusion of URLs and search terms. The way that the cursor is hijacked by the URL bar on Windows is especially irritating.

FF has a decent UI that works and it's one that I know. I'm at a loss to understand why some of these "features" are even proposed. Why not just add the hijack feature for those who want it but allow the rest of us to use FF the way we always have?

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I can set the size of the text in the page search bar so I can read it without a magnifier. There is no magnification of the URL bar. An obvious ergonomic truth to those who have used Firefox for decades. But outside the common knowledge of cell phone zombie newbie programmers. Their user interface is sub-10-inch screens. So the fix for newbies by newbies is a big hurt on any who are visually impaired. So I stand by my original suggestion. If a web page has a text entry box, auto-switching to another entry box with a different fixed font size is an ergonomic dumb idea. Unless folks with less than 20 20 vision do not matter.


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Stop Firefox by default entering text in the address bar from the Firefox home page

Every time I start typing something into the Firefox homepage search bar, by default it switches to entering text into the address bar. I know there are ways to stop this from happening, different in windows to Linus, but it's a particularly shoddy annoying problem which should have been sorted ages ago.

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What is the point of the search bar on the main page???
As soon as you begin typing, the cursor jumps to the address bar.  Remove or reconfigure the app to use one or the other.  Or provide an explanation for the duplicity.  It makes the page look sloppy.

Making moves

I want to type text in the search box, but the text appears on the address bar

I want to type text in the search box, but the text appears on the address bar.I know that I can actually use about:config to set it so that I can type text in the search box instead of in the address bar. But this is inconvenient, it is too difficult to adjust the settings in about:config. So my suggestion is to show this feature on and off in the browser settings, and then let the user choose whether to turn it on or not.

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