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Making moves
Status: New idea

For now, when we try to input some words in the new tab search box, the ui will jump to the address bar.

This experience is so strange.....

Maybe we can refer to what the Edge do...


Familiar face

Please undo the change that forced people to enter searches on the home page in the address bar instead of the search bar in the middle of the page.
And address bar should be for the purpose of entering addresses only, (ab)using this as a search bar just doesn't make any sense!

Making moves

Web search text should be visible in Search bar NOT Address bar!

Haven't enough users suffered long enough with this stupid problem?

As soon as you begin typing search text in the home page search bar it disappears and you have to squint and struggle to continue typing the rest of it in tiny text in the URL address bar! FYI, we're not all 20-somethings with perfect vision, you know. Please simply let text be visible in the main search bar-and at in 12 or 14 point font size. And please fix it THIS year. Thank you.

Making moves

I still use the "search box" invented in early Firefox till this day. No worry of jump, yay~

To enable it in new computers, click on the hamburger button > Settings > Search > "Add search bar in toolbar". I also unticked "Show search suggestions in address bar results". So functionalities are cleanly separated. When I type in address bar, it only shows suggestions from history and opened tabs.

New member

Search Tabs is broken.

Expected behavior: Click "Search Tabs" and it would present a text box. Then, as you started typing, the list of **Currently Open Tabs** would hide all the non-matching tabs, thus allowing you to click on the tab you are looking for. Please note, this preserved the state of that tab as is (i.e. left it the heck alone, no reload, etc.) and the order of all tabs was also left alone.

Current buggy behavior: This now redirects to the address bar, which appears to be part of the problem. While it does show a list of url's matching your search, this appears to only be performing a history search and selecting an item causes the current tab to become **Overridden** (which is not okay!!). Of course this completely losses whatever state you had before, and because it's loading another tab from the same domain, might even cause your other tab (assuming you can find it again) to become corrupted, expire prematurely, etc.

New member

When I go to a search page and type in the search topic the typing automatically goes into the URL window. On a computer that means the large text in the search window becomes tiny in the url window. Firefox is actually used on computers with 43" and larger screens. Many of us do not spend our lives squinting at little cell phone screens.  

New member

search without the address bar

when i open a new tab, there is a area in the middle of the bar with the defailt text «search with or enter an address» to enter a new item.

but when i'm typing the new item, the text is displayed in the address bar… that's a bit enoying for very first users…

why it is not possible to enter a new item directly into the middle area ?



Strollin' around

Note to Mozilla:

On your homepage please change the default behaviour of the Firefox for this setting to:


browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.improvesearch.handoffToAwesomebar = false

This is poor UI design and an the Address bar treats strings with : / . or any other characters that look like a URL as a URL instead of a search string.

Who asked for a fix to something that wasn't broken?

New member

Even when I have added/enabled a "search bar", when I start typing in the "address bar" it starts listing suggested searches (as well as URLs).  I don't see what the value of having a separate "search bar" is, if the "address bar" continues to act as a search bar.

New member

Ich nutze auf der Firefox-Startseite die Suchfunktion. Bei Eingabe des Suchtextes springt aber Firefox immer in die Adresszeile. Soll das so sein?

I use the search function on the Firefox homepage. When entering the search text, Firefox always jumps to the address bar. Should that be so?

New member

Do not suggests searches when typing in the address bar if the separate search bar has been enabled

Even when I have added/enabled a "search bar", when I start typing in the "address bar" it starts listing suggested searches (as well as URLs). I don't see what the value of having a separate "search bar" is, if the "address bar" continues to act as a search bar.