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I use firefox for many websites having to do with finances, and all of them insist on two factor authorization anytime I log in from a different device or browser. That's good for security, but when the browser updates, even by a minor version, this triggers the need for extra login security on most of those websites. It's expected, but when the browser offers to update multiple times/week, it gets sufficiently annoying that I end up dismissing the frequent update reminders.  May I suggest you have a tiered level of updates? Maybe a setting that would allow me to only see reminders for major updates, like security fixes or major feature additions. Thanks for considering, and by the way thanks for making it easier to offer a suggestion!

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There's the ESR version of Firefox that specifically does that:

You won't have the latest/greatest features (or bugs), but that's the compromise.


If it's offering to update multiple times/week, then it seems like you're on Nightly or Beta? The release version shouldn't be updating anywhere near that often, except when something goes very wrong right after a release and a dot fix is rushed out.

I'm wondering if a user-agent switcher addon might fool your finance sites into skipping the reauthentication?


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The thing constantly offering the latest update is stressing my allegiance to the breaking point.



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A  3 times per year update would be plenty. Firefox updates are like the old ADOBE updates when they became a web joke. PLEASE knock it off with all this updating.


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While I can understand the need to maintain the highest level of security possible as phishing and hackers become more and more adept, needing to constantly install updates impacts productivity.  I installed an update earlier this week and have just been prompted to install another one.  This is getting not only ridiculous, but annoying.

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Perhaps if Firefox/Mozilla explained briefly, up front what the update was for and allowed the option of passing on it folks would be less irritated.

- Full option menu in setup so it can be fully automated at a time of users choosing.

- More options like download in the background and save it for install at a later time

- A scheduler so all updates happen at night instead on startup.

- Notifications of updates bundled and presented on startup

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@rdorothy @peterpan @ebear422 as prior mentioned, switch to Firefox ESR, literally made for your use case. Browsers are major points for vulnerabilities, and the only thing keeping browsers secure are frequent updates. If you do not like this, switch to the ESR branch, do not bother support with requests you have not even bothered to research completely!

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I have been inundated with update demands for Firefox (Windows PC, laptop) over the last few months - sometimes days after an update.  Just 2 days ago I updated to 98.0 and am now being told to update again.  When I dismiss this request, Firefox locks up - and it's always when I am in the middle of doing work online.  Settings SHOULD allow me to set if and when (in my environment) I want to receive these notifications. 

In addition, even with one window (3-4 tabs) open, the power usage and memory is often spiking and locking up the whole thing.  Not long ago, I could have several windows open, with several tabs each, without any problems.  I have been a longtime happy user of Firefox, but if the constant updates and instability continue, I'll have to go elsewhere. 

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@jmf1, there should be no reason to do updates almost daily. This makes me think Firefox is having some major issues that its programmers can't handle.

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When is Firefox gonna stop with the updates?!

There are WAY to many ! !