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Strollin' around
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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

Strollin' around

Not having it be moveable just goes against set UI customization principles as all other menu items can be customized.

Strollin' around

There's no reason to remove the previous config flag. Please Re-enable the past behaviour with the next update, at least until you solve this non-solution that's causing so many complaints and come up with a better one.

Strollin' around

"By design" does not mean "good design."  Firefox was built on simplicity and user control.  Return simplicity and user control.

New member

I just want the button gone.

Making moves

After I posted a comment saying I'd like to be able to drag and drop my most-used apps to the toolbar, I discovered that you can hit the extension button, right-click on an app's button, and select "pin to toolbar." That works for me: my favorite apps are immediately available, and the rest are contained in the extensions puzzle-piece, reducing toolbar clutter significantly.

Strollin' around

+1 from many users.
I have been localizing Mozilla reference articles for many years. And even met with an attack on the Mozilla localization system related to this topic.
One of the users created a new revision of one of the articles, where, using obscene vocabulary, he spoke out against hardcoding this extension button in the way it was done.
I also think that it should be possible to implement this functionality not through a button. Alternatively, through the context menu of the toolbar.
Many Firefox users respect this browser because it is very flexible in terms of customizability of the graphical interface. Especially this innovation infuriates fans of minimalism in the UI. I think these users need to be supported.

Making moves

I intuitively have in the puzzle space a button of a plugin that I am used to press a lot and now the puzzle has appeared in its place and I press it unintentionally.


Firefox Nightly -- the pre-release test version of Firefox 113 -- now lets you move the Extensions button along the main toolbar, similarly to how you can move the Back button along the bar. This should alleviate the problem of wanting to get it out of the spot where you expect to find a different button, but doesn't allowing *removing* the button. I don't know whether this change will be moved up to next month's release of Firefox 112. There is still time, so it's more a question of whether the code changes are simple enough to drop in this late in beta testing.

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Overflow Menu was great - 10/10. This new add-ons button is... worse than I expected. It's pure trash.

Give us back the overflow menu pref back. C'mon, Firefox. You've been dissapointing for the last 4-5 years, do this one thing right. I really want to use ff, but i am coming to that point were I am ok with moving to other browsers, mainly firefox surrogates, no matter how much time it will take me.

Making moves

I think in general the old Addon menu was way better. I dont get why this has to be so huge.

Strollin' around

IMO it was perfect the way it was (use the Customize menu to put extension icons either directly on the bar, into the overflow menu, or hide it completely).

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I'm annoyed by the "Extensions" button on the bar that can't be removed. I don't use it, I don't need it, it just takes up space. I don't like being forced into something.

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I definitely want to eliminate the puzzle icon because it wastes space on the symbol bar and in open state clutters everything when I have about 20 add-ons enabled. I want to move add-ons only from the add-ons submenu of the settings menu or by editing the symbol bar.

By the way, as an emergency measure I do have removed the unsightly button through a userChrome.css entry, but it prevents to re-attach add-ons to the symbol bar (they are not shown among the unused icons anymore), which is very annoying.

[code]#unified-extensions-button {
display: none !important;

New member

I also feel strongly about needing to remove the Extension button from the toolbar or move it into the overflow menu.

Making moves

I already have a ton of icons on my toolbar that I had to add back in as some functionality has been removed over the years. So you have yet another icon added ...... that I can't move! Like all the ones before it! There is already a way to manage extensions called the extensions manager so yes let's duplicate things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This seems like something that should at least be able to be moved into the overflow menu! I would love to be writing this in all uppercase BUT I'm being polite. I just finally got P**s enough as I'm using Firefox because I don't wanna be using chrome which everything has become. To the point where websites are pulling up only compatible with IE 5 or later things like it's 200X all over again. What happened to web standards? I cannot pay my Comcast bill through Firefox because it won't let me edit my credit card details in Firefox, and Comcast insists that I have to be using chrome. But I digress back on topic it seems like the kind of thing that should be in the yet a brilliant design choice name the hamburger menu where we throw everything we don't want you to see and make it levels of levels upon levels deep.

Sorry I might be a bit fuming. As I just turned on a computer I haven't had on in a while and rather than synchronizing it changed my theme on my main computer and who knows what other damage it did it. looks like my bookmarks haven't been reverted? I thought for a second my icons were rearranged, removed or added? As well.