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With the version Firefox 109 release, you added this new button without the option to change its position or move into the overflow area. Please let use move it. I can remove/hide almost every other UI element in the browser, why not this?

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Please allow users to move or hide this button. There are already articles online providing workarounds that do this, starting with setting the preference in about:config, and now updated to create user chrome CSS to do the same thing now that the preference doesn't work anymore. The fact that these articles exist shows there's demand for this level of customization. It also shows that users will find a way to do this despite the intentions of the designers. Preventing the user from doing this (like by taking away the preference) does nothing but piss off the user-base.

From my own experience, I have very few extensions installed and have their associated icons already added to my toolbar in the locations I want them. This new extensions button adds zero value to me; I do not interact with extension management on a regular basis. My toolbar is customized to only show the tools I use often, and I do not like having screen real estate taken up by things I don't use often -- that's what the items in the hamburger menu are for. If you need to display something to indicate some warning or notification about extensions (such as extensions needing new permissions), there are other, dynamic ways of doing that which don't require an icon present in the toolbar all the time (even just dynamically showing the button when warnings are active would be better).

About a decade ago I used to hop around to different browsers whenever one did something that annoyed me or disrupted my workflow. Firefox eventually stopped doing that and I settled on using it only for the past decade. This change is a regression to that old behavior of changing UI by fiat regardless of what users want. At the moment I'm hopeful that Mozilla will listen to users and provide a way to customize/hide placement of this button, and I will be using the workarounds until they do. If not, I guess I'll be going back to my browser-hopping days. Edge is actually looking reasonable nowadays.

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Please, set back the extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled option to work again. Thanks.

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Firefox pleased me with full acces to control over the interface, wich allowed me to realize my vision of concentration based on the control of my attention.

I see this as a dangerous change in Mozilla's policy regarding what a user is allowed to do.

I ask you to return the option to hide the "Extensiion" button


Important sight.jpg

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After the 111 update it's no longer possible to disable the extensions button in about:config and I have to resort to editing userChrome.css file in order to get rid of it, sacrificing the option to quickly change my pinned extensions in the process. I really don't want the button there due to my specific way of setting the browser up, it's far too easy to click it by mistake. Also I generally like the browser to be as minimalistic as possible, having to resort to using 3rd party css tweaks already to remove the useless padding in menus and tabs.

After years of loving Firefox I'm now getting anxious with each update, worrying which part of my workflow comes undone next. 😢

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Sometimes I don't understand zeal of devs to sell new bs. It seems people are right when in mozilla now only "effective" managers. I'm glad it's not my main browser anymore.

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Well, it seems Mozilla doesn't really care on this matter. Waiting for a lot more than a month now, still the button isn't removable.

Please listen to the audience. Not being able to move that button sucks.

Making moves

Mozilla, just be you and not Google, not Apple.  I chose Firefox a long time ago because it was different and unique compared to Internet Explorer, and later Google Chrome.  Now Firefox is just trying to play catch-up to Chrome, instead of being its own browser.

Go back to your roots and be unique again -- care about your users!

Making moves

Let me be as cordial as possible: This forced UI change sucks. Either add a setting / make it movable or lose users.

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At least let us hide it into the hamburger menu. This is just silly.

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Please add option to remove the puzzle icon. Every other icon is removable, hidable. Even this has been by tweaking in about config. Not anymore? Why? You do not want people using your browser? Or you think that if it looks like the rest of them you will get new users? Wrong, wrong, wrong on all. Firefox is minimalistic browser that users - user can set up to their preferences. Not one person in this forum likes this - not being able to remove it, which is actually something - you got people that usually have difficulty agreeing on anything - no offence people in general, to agree that it is not the way to do it. Please! Or you are gonna lose more users, because when someone is "shopping" for new browser negative reviews and people fleeting browser are the worst advertising.

Making moves

Hiding the extensions button would only partially fix the problem.  I also used the "overflow" menu to keep the icons I wanted available bit not on the immediate toolbar.  That seems to only work with built-in items, and even then I'm not so sure.  You definitely are forbidden from adding in any extensions that Mozilla didn't force into the core code.  They're starting to act like they got invaded by a bunch of GNOME Project managers.


Well, I'm using Waterfox now, that one hasn't been broken (yet).

Making moves

Please. Make the extension icon removable/hidable. That is what Firefox has always been great at - customize browser by user. Give options - want it like this, like that. Firefox way of browser. Why not anymore? Please? Thank you.

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Give us the option to hide the button

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A way to put quick-access Extension icons in the overflow menu

I noticed that there's no way to separate the extensions you need to regularly open and interact with, just this weird useless puzzle piece thing, and right next to it is this completely empty and useless overflow thing, and I had a lightbulb moment- What if you could put the icons for just the handful of extensions that you regularly use in there, and then get rid of the puzzle piece one!? Wouldn't that be so much simpler and easier to use and more effective, and then people could control which ones they wanted in there and which ones they didn't, and it would be a huge improvement.

I know it sounds obvious, but clearly since in the latest version of firefox there's no way to do this, no one working on it has considered it before, so, I thought I'd help out!

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I don't understand why mozilla add the unified extension button, it does no more than what the overflow button does, while lacking the ability to custom, and takes more space. To me it is just a terrible design.