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I use my computers almost exclusively for work.  I sometimes have over 250 tabs open at once, in a variety of windows.  Some of these are tabs I won't need to use for 30 more days, but that would not be easily recognized as Bookmarks.  It would be great if I could save a record of all my open Windows and Tabs, with a label for that "restore point" by the date I saved it, with a section for notes (e.g.: 2022-07-28 this is comparative local rain forecast and year-to-date for all coffee regions in Brazil).  It should be possible to create, and retrieve at will, a variety of "restore points".  I would want to be able to see all the restore points I have created, and use them as many times as I want to, in a simple drop-down list.  I'd like to be able to save a new "restore point" as often as I want to, and delete obsolete "restore points" at will, without losing any other points.

As is, after a few days of work, FireFox begins to act up, and some windows (Yahoo Mail, especially) claim that I'm off line.

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Is this similar to what you're envisioning: Save a window and all it's tabs to be recalled at a later time to free resources ?

If so, we can merge the ideas and thread into one place to keep the conversation focused and help nudge it closer to reaching our internal teams for review.

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