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Status: New idea

I suggest adding a feature in which we can exclude certain addons from syncing.

For example, I have 2 laptops: One running KDE Neon, one running Windows 10. The Firefox on KDE Neon has the "Plasma Integration" add-on, which is totally useless on Windows 10. Therefore, it shouldn't be synced among my computers.


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Making moves

Allow Firefox sync to backup/sync addon data

Currently, when you sign into a new FF and it syncs, all your history/bookmarks/addons are synced across.

Unfortunately, you have to reconfigure all your addons - their prefs/data/config are NOT synced.

Given how annoying it is to backup/restore addon data, it would be great to bridge the gap by allowing sync to retain the addon settings.


Hi Kerr, add-on authors have the choice of storing data either in "local" storage (which does not sync) or "managed" storage (which does sync). Sometimes they give the user a choice in their settings.

The reason authors don't just use managed storage for everything is that it is capped at a small amount of data, and add-ons break as soon as that amount is exceeded. Hopefully Mozilla can increase the cap in the future, but understandably, Sync isn't going to be able to handle unlimited data.

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Definitively this!

Maybe a matrix implementation, for example: you have 10 addons and 4 devices, a table with 10 columns and 4 rows is generated, in every cell there is a checkbox, with this you can choose what addons will be installed in every device.

My main machine have 18 addons but my old trusty laptop gets very slow =(

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> Sync isn't going to be able to handle unlimited data.
Why? As i know, sync data is stored on user devices, not on Mozilla servers. So.. it would be nice to offer user an option to sync local data with selected devices, indicating their current size of course and possible problems if user will use it.

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Came here specifically to request this. I also have multiple devices. One of the extensions that causes a lot of lag and problems is Metamask. While I don't mind the lag on my main machine when I'm working with crypto, having my other machines lag every time I open a new tab or browse a new page really kills productivity.

Don't know about the whole "matrix" idea posted above, but a toggle would definitely work. A simple "Don't sync this extension across multiple devices" would allow me to install the extensions I want on a per device basis.