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Strollin' around
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I noticed that Firefox asks to auto-fill only one password/account data per domain.

But there are multiple websites that have different accounts for subdomains as well.

So it would be convenient to have a password save for seperate subdomains.

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Making moves

Allow password saving for pages in Firefox password manager

Currently, putting a website like into Firefox's password manager will be trimmed to Occasionally, pages from the same domain or subdomain will have separate password fields. It would be useful to save passwords to subdomain by default, but allow manual creation of a login for a specific page that would take priority over the subdomain.

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Ich stimme zu. Die bisherige Paßwortverwaltung ist schon lange nicht mehr zeitgemäß.

I agree. The current password management system is no longer up to date.

Strollin' around

In my case i do have several subdomains who have authorisation which have the same login information - and i do want to crate a password for * (which isn't possible) or at least for  but when i visit it requests a password even if one for the domain is stored

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This is useful, and I can think of one major example / use case where this would be a huge time saver.

Anyone who applies for jobs online often has to go to a site powered by Workday, a third-party applicant tracking system.

They issue a separate subdomain with its own SSO for every company that uses it (i.e. company-a dot myworkdayjobs dot com, company-b dot myworkdayjobs dot com, etc.).

However, the Firefox password manager only keys into the primary 'myworkdayjobs' domain, and tries to autofill the last password you saved from a different session, even when you're trying to sign up for a new company's Workday-powered site.

I realize there's another Idea listed in the community that has the exact opposite suggestion - essentially consolidating subdomain logins - so maybe the solution is the ability to, by default, save different passwords as entries under a domain, and not try to autofill if the subdomain has not been previously saved; or toggle a domain, when first saved, as using a single sign-on for all subdomains.


New member

Just registering to comment on this issue was a good example, I had 10+ saved logins for "" show up while trying to log in.

The list of accounts I have on AWS basically renders the feature completely useless and obnoxiously mixes in 2 accounts I use to shop with, to boot.