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i ve been using firefox since 2007, but i ve been experiencing v annoying prb for years.. i ve reported that prb years ago but no action ve been taken.

The prb is that whenever i open the browser and start writing anything in address bar or wants to click on browsed page, yr password window ever interrupts, this is a bad feature , i ve to wait for so long to let it pop up then i cancel it and after that i can do something. specially when typing and looking at my keyboard the text shuffle to the password window instead of address bar or any web page...
1-people who do not use yr password manager should not face this window.

2- A password window icon should be place in the Upper Right Corner of the browser and should only pop when it is clicked...

just like other password managers... plz do it cuz i now i like firefox but the only these two reasons are driving me to use other browsers as default.. password window should not force a user to cancel it even user does not need it at that time. thx.

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Hi rock, is this the window to enter your Primary Password? This may appear shortly after startup if:

  • You have Firefox Sync enabled, so Firefox can connect to your Firefox Account, or
  • You restored a tab from a previous session for which you saved a login in Firefox

Maybe there could be an on-demand mode where Firefox doesn't show the dialog until you manually trigger Sync or refresh a restored page with a login form.

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You have Firefox Sync enabled, so Firefox can connect to your Firefox Account

That is very good to know @jscher2000 , but unfortunately the reason for the master passwort prompt being shown is very intransparent at the moment, and in combination with the issues already described by @rock makes for a very poor user experience in an otherwise great browser.

A more transparent and less obtrusive master passwort prompt/alert seems overdue tbh.


@rock  @fabscav indeed Primary Password prompt is annoying and sometimes unexpected, we are going to review whole Primary Password and improve it.

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Hello, I have the same problem and wondering why Mozilla does not consider this to be modified.

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I agree with Thew comments on this Thread.  The master password window behavior is very annoying.

1) Whenever you open Firefox , the Browser main window is reduced.  I always use the in Full Screen.  I do not see any good security issue that requires to collapse and move the main window when the Master Password window shows-up. 
2) I liked the Android version of the Password manager and I do not understand why the windows version does not behave the same.  In Windows every time you open Firefox, you are required to enter the password manager. Although I can see why this is a more secure way, I think this is an overkill for my case.  I only want to enter the Master password to see the password detail.  I am not concerned by the Autofill functionality.

As far as getting Mozilla to do something about it, We need to vote for this thread.

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I tried to display stored TB passwords, but the popup window had fixed dimensions and would not expand to show the end of the password, or the last date changed. Is there something do be done here?