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I have been using the Firefox browser for a long time and throughout this time I consider it the best among those available.  It has many pluses, there are also minuses.  But now is not about that.
 I want to propose a very necessary, as I think, the idea of ​​parallel use of the same browser in the system with different settings.  Almost everyone has multiple browsers on their computers and they usually have different settings.  So that you can, for example, go to some sites under different accounts without wasting time switching on the sites themselves.  In addition, it is convenient to have different privacy settings or use different sets of add-ons.
 Now the Firefox browser has an "incognito" mode, I propose to go further and implement the simultaneous operation of several copies with independent settings.
 At the moment, on my system, this is done by installing the standard version of Firefox and the version of Nightly, which works in much the same way.  It is very comfortable!

This would be a unique feature with no competition! It opens up many additional options for customizing the application. Such as choosing a different color scheme for individual copies or, for example, choosing the color of an icon. And a lot more. Think about it, please.


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Isn't this solved by using multiple profiles?