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Status: New idea

@mozthunderbird should propose this option
Let say I install and setup Thunderbird on my Linux/Mac/Windows system then I have to create my email signature, there should be an option to "click on-tick on" for some details of my distro/OS to be get added in auto to my signature instead of me having to type it all

Well, let consider this; I use Fedora or Ubuntu or Opensuse or RHEL or any other Linux distro (because that's where the biggest job is) then Thunderbird would add my distro logo nicely placed into my signature instead of me going up and down searching images to do that and have to resize etc
A simple option would make it possible.

One case would be to just add the Thunderbird Logo, hiding my OS
when hovering over the logo or clinking it, recipient would see like a chat box with some simple info like the one we see on the "about" section of the software including a link to the website 

Second case would be to add distros/OS logo next to Thunderbird logo or just distro/OS logo, so to indicate I use this distro/OS and I trust it
Same behavior letting my recipient know more about what I use and if interested he can click on the link to get redirected to the official page of my distro

due to that plethora of distros in Linux world with some other not clearly making their logos available in proper format (.svg) the idea is to start with biggest one then smaller distros can follow after

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