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Status: New idea

The way FireFox changed the order of open windows in the Window dropdown menu in version 108 to be alphabetical is horrible. Since every open window has several tabs, by changing the tab, the location of that window will jump around in the menu. That makes it very hard to find the window you are looking for in the menus. The older versions have the order in chronological order which was very helpful as I used to arrange tabs in windows in a way I can easily find them in that order. Frankly, one of the main reasons I was using Firefox over other browsers was that chronological order of windows. One idea is to the order, chronological or alphabetical be set in the preferences. For now, I will try to downgrade to an older version.

Making moves

I agree that this change is terrible. I never use that MacOS Tile Window option so I will not miss it if it is removed. With the current behavior every time I navigate to a different page on a website it changes the order. If I timeout on a page, it may jump to some generic page like "Log In" and I have no idea what website it is referring to. If I look at my email account, when I'm at the home page it will name the actual website, but if I open an email it uses the subject of the email. If I don't see my email account listed I have to guess which of those entries might be the subject line of an email.

If you want to actually improve it, perhaps using the title of the home page, or even just the URL, with the specific page appended to it might actually be really useful.

I might try that add-on that jscher2000 mentioned, but in general I try to avoid using untested add-on kludges that might have bugs.

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What's the ETA on this? I can't believe such a great browser has to be so mediocre in window management.

Thank you!

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An improvement would be at least to leave the window order unchanged, and/or allow the user to label it so that switching windows is at least manageable. New windows should appear in a predictable drop-down location, e.g. the top or bottom, instead of the casino lottery.

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PLEASE RESTORE CHRONOLOGICAL WINDOW ORDER!!!!!! It is SOOOOOOO user-unfriendly and a typical web developer/decide by committee approach what you've done. It is SOOOOOO annoying and serves zero purpose!

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Please restore chronological windows order. It is an annoying user-unfriendly change.