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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

I’d really like a feature that allowed me to remove the ”Close all tabs” button in the iOS app. Its location has made me nervous since I first downloaded the app, because I don’t often close all my tabs, either on my phone or on my laptop. I keep open a tab or two for shows or videos I’m watching, some mobile tabs for things I’m reading or mean to read soon, some for things I’m researching or mean to research soon… when I close tabs, it’s usually a slow, purposeful thing. I’ve never felt the urge to nuke all my open tabs.

Today after a busy afternoon, it finally happened. I realized all of my tabs had been accidentally closed at some point in the last few hours. I hadn’t noticed when I did it. It hadn’t happened recently enough that I could retrieve them from “Recently closed tabs.” I’d only had 5 tabs open, but I can’t remember what they all were and haven’t found the remaining two while trawling through my history. I’m going to be on edge for at least the next couple of days trying not to press that little trash can button again.

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