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Open All in Tabs.pngThis button is annoying and unnecessary (since using the scroll button on the folder has the same function).

As for now, right clicking it opens the same menu as right clicking a folder, but in this case, the option "Delete Folder" is unavailable (which would be the nearest solution not to having the button there).

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I also look for a solution for this, preferably a switch off in about:config

For the Toolbar-Bookmark-Folder there is a solution but I can't find any solution for the whole Bookmark-Menu Folders.

For the ToolbarFolders you have to edit the "userChrome.css" in the ProfileFolder of Firefox:

paste in:

{ display: none !important; }

Restart Firefox

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Please remove the "Open All in Tabs" option from the bookmark bar

I really like Firefox, but the extra "Open All in Tabs" button at the bottom of every bookmark folder on the bookmark bar is annoying and unnecessary.  One can easily open all bookmarks in tabs with a left click option, so the extra button is just clutter.  Please include an option to remove it or switch it off in a new Firefox update.  Thank you!

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Community Manager

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Seriously.  This feature is like having the nuclear button next to your coffee cup. GET RID OF IT or tuck it away for the nerds to seek and destroy, er, find.