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Status: New idea

Before updating to newer version bookmark folders were yellow as they should,but in current version they are white and there is no way to change that.This should be added to options so we could chose the color we want. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DeRoach @SNS75 there are also some other ideas more focused on customizing or improving the icons for bookmarks here:

Be able to change icons for bookmarks 

Use emojis instead of the folder icon in the bookmarks toolbar 

Feel free to vote and share your input there as well 🙌

New member

so agree and thi size as option and two rows for them (rows number as option)

and not only colour but also the pictogram of it (not only folder pictogram You know)

New member

The reason I don't use Firefox as much is because of the folder color being white, that may sound pathetic but I am not alone its just not comfortable for my eyes. At least make them yellow.

Making moves

@Choomleeyou can try installing some there, though? e.g. check out groovebox-styled themes

Or even create your own using Firefox Color