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I am operating a server in my home network, which has an external domain name and an HTTPS certificate. My annoyance is that because the certificate only applies to said domain name, FF always gives an SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN warning when I want to access the server using its private network address.

I understand the importance of this warning for inexperienced users, but I'd still appreciate an option to create bypass rules for security warnings. I've tried adding an exception in the Servers tab of the Certificate Manager, but it doesn't work.

Making moves

When I am accessing the internal configuration web pages integrated into certain equipment FireFox will not allow me to continue to the page. You need to add a button that allows me to ignore the Certificate error and continue to the page I need to get to.

Thank You

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I have encountered similar issues while doing web application development under Visual Studio.  The developer SSL certificate is for Localhost, but for some connections I need to use my PC's LAN IP address, or even its external IP address (because of the particular distributed architecture of the app). 

I find that Firefox will (naturally) throw SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN errors for the non-localhost connections.

Curiously, if the connection is made in its own browser window, I get the option to add a security exception to Firefox, but if the connection is made in an iFrame element the option to add an exception is not offered.  If I use the Developer tools, copy the URL used in the iFrame, and paste that into a new browser window, the add-an-exception option appears!  Once an exception is added, the iFrame version thereafter works.

It would be nice to be able to add the exception directly from the iFrame view, or have a general config page where I could add explicit IP addresses to the exceptions list.