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Status: In development

There should be a way to allow extensions to execute only on specific websites like the Site access option in Edge does, this improves extensions usability and may also enhance privacy.


Strollin' around

additionally we should be able to enable ContentScripts injection into currently protected pages, allow-listing deep in settings should be safe enough

Strollin' around

Have a list of websites where Firefox will only activate your chosen add-ons


We all trust to a certain point the add-ons we use. But one day one of them might be hacked and start collecting your information after an update.

While we can't realistically prevent that we can minimize the risk.

For example I have around 10 different add-on installed but I only need the one for my password manager when I connect to my bank or my crypto exchange.

The idea is having a list where you add your most important websites and a second list where you choose to activate only certain add-ons or none at all for these websites.

To my knowledge, the only way to do that right now is by using a different profile where you don't install add-on or only your vital one to browse those important websites.

Strollin' around

Yeah this should 100% be a thing. I have encountered a situation before (just a few minutes ago as of the time I write this comment) where this capability would have been very useful

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Half of my extensions I have specifically for one single site, so this feature is so so expected...!

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Allowlisting & blocklisting extensions on specific webpages and domains

Currently, most of the extensions like adblock, grammerly, or other popular extensions have full access to the website if they are enabled. So this create a fear of data privacy steeling because these extensions are literally reading all the content of a page. Websites like gmail, banking webpages, or any critical websites have quite critical information and I personally don't want to run any extension on those to save guard from any potential hack of the extension code. There should be a mechanism where we can set the allowlist and blocklist for websites on which these extensions are enabled to enhance this security.

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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What is the current status of this feature?
I'm also very interested in the topic.



What is the current status of this feature? 

Firefox provides control over site permissions for newer Manifest v3 extensions for several versions now. It is integrated with the Extensions button on the right end of the toolbar.

Firefox does NOT provide this feature for Manifest v2 extensions, which are the vast majority of extensions. I suspect we'll never get it for Manifest v2 extensions, but I haven't researched it lately.


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As earlier mentioned by someone else, ability to allow access "on click", instead of leaving it enabled all the time would also be valuable. For example, I've extensions which extract/download specific content from within a webpage or manipulate the webpage with certain color/font/annotations. But I only need these extensions sometimes and dislike the idea of them having access to all my browsing data all the time even when I'm not using them.

Today I've to keep them disabled all the time, manually enable them for a browsing session, and then disable again when I'm done. It'll be much better if I could just click-to-enable for specific tab when I need it. Microsoft Edge already has this ability and it is very valuable.

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abso- freaking - lutely . fantastic idea. Very similar/and right in-line with my recent post "temporarily pause ALL extensions at once". This is much needed, and wanted. Thanks

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Hell yeah!

Strollin' around

I second this motion... and I raise the ante!

I would find it vastly useful to be able to:

  • Define on which Websites a specific Add-On would work,


  • Be able to define "Exception Websites", where a specific Add-On would be disabled!
Making moves

Dito, This is EXACTLY what is needed, and loooooooong over due! C'mon Mozilla - listen to your loyal users.

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Ping. This feature is a must. Do it!


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Recently TopCashBack extension had asked for more permissions. I don't think it's good for my privacy. I need this feature very much. Thanks!