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Status: New idea

I have had problems with the latest version of Safari on my Mac and am looking for another browser. Firefox seems like the best choice so far but it has one feature I cannot get used to and may ultimately prevent me from using it. That feature is the position of the tabs at the top, above the website address. Please give us the option of putting the tabs where they belong, BELOW the URL address bar and directly above the webpages.

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It worked, but something is still wrong. The min/max/close buttons are invisible now 😏

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Tabs Under bookmark bar


is there a way to implement a feature in Firefox to put the tabs back at the bottom of the bookmarks bar? Back when tabs on top was rolled out back in 2011 there was an option to move it back to the bottom. Can you role out an update where we can chose to have the tabs at the bottom or the top of the window 

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I've been asking for this for years, seems Mozilla intentionally turns a deaf ear to this request over and over.  For now I just have to keep hacking the userchrome file every time they break it.  Someone on the Mozilla team really has a "my way or the highway" attitude on this particular request.