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Currently, when a user opens multiple tabs from a bookmarks folder, all tabs attempt to load simultaneously, which can cause performance issues and potential temporary blocks from websites due to the high number of concurrent requests. Implementing deferred tab loading would improve performance and prevent these issues. This feature would allow users to open multiple tabs from bookmarks without loading their content until the specific tab is selected.

This feature also already exists in Firefox. When you restore a session, you have to open the tab to load its content, but for some reason it wasn't implemented in Bookmarks.

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Making moves

Please do the same when opening multiple links from a History folder. If there are 100 links in a History folder, Firefox will load everything simultaneously. Please only load the active tab.

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@AgentvirtuelThanks! This looks promising.

Making moves
Making moves

Opening a large number of tabs simultaneously results in one or more tabs not loading correctly (some sites will suggest reloading if that occurs).  noted in ESR release on Win7.  Edge for Win7 does not seem to have the problem for the same sites.  I am opening about 15 tabs when this happens.

instead of waiting until the tab is selected, how about opening the first tab, delay for a bit, then open the second tab, delay, 3rd, etc.  if a tab completes loading go to the tab (if it is possible to tell that a tab has completed loading).  in the case of the load issue I described above a 2-3 second delay could be sufficient to at least reduce competition for network, cpu, and disk resources during the process so maybe only a couple tabs might be loading at the same time.

a thought: as a developer (without looking at the code) my theory is that these errors may be a result of a socket timeout - perhaps the data is coming in but not fast enough?  with network competition, loading data that might take 2-3 seconds may now take a lot longer (say 15-20 seconds) but it would just be coming in slowly.  if the timeout is 10 seconds in this case, it would fail because it has not read all the data in time but if the timeout is for failing to receive data at all for the socket it would not fail.