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Making moves
Status: New idea

chrome does this

I have my main fast-starting-surfing-browser (currently sadly chrome) as a keyboard button and start lots of these to find sth out. I wanna start typing the millisecond I hit that shortcut

firefox used to boot too slowly for that, but now its much better

but still URLbar does not get focus, so I have to travel to it and click it, making it unusabel as a quick surfing browser

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @allanlaal, thanks for the suggestion! To make sure we understand correctly, when you open a new window you're not able to begin typing in the URL bar immediately? Where does the focus go instead?

New member

I feel you, brother.  Now that I personally know of two instances (yours and mine) where keyboard focus (mine is "Save Image As" dialog) I'm thinking perhaps the Firefox team (which includes users, in larger focus!) need to--pardon me--"focus" a bit on *all* dialogs for better UI flow.  Everyone who reads this can contribute to that effort!  Go, team!