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Status: Delivered

We should change Firefox icon accordingly Apple Human Interface Guidelines. There is already icons on internet.

Firefox Icon.png


Strollin' around

I think that FireFox should update it's icon to follow up Human Interface Guidelines.

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getting kinda cringy now..

Its the only app on my mac with the old design directives.. (not squared)...

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @mustafayurdakul,

It's great to hear your thought on updating the Firefox icon(s).

Our team is currently working on it, and all the Firefox browsers will soon have a square-round icon for macOS. This will meet the Apple icon guideline.

Thank you for providing your idea and feel free to ask any questions meanwhile.


Cc: @Jon 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @jhwkim for the good news!

This means we have upgraded the status to "In development" and will continue to provide you all with updates here.

Please feel free to keep the conversation going, ask any questions, and stay tuned 😁

Strollin' around

I should mention that there is a "standard" scaling for circular macOS icons within Apple's design guidelines, which both Safari and Chrome already follow. I hope Firefox's macOS icon will be scaled the same — as it will fit in with other icons on the platform. Here is an image demonstrating the alignment:

firefox icon aligment.png

Standard sizes for circular icons in macOS 11+ are as follows:

actual resolution@1x@2xcircle width / height
1024x1024 pxN/A512x512@2x710x710 px
512x512 px512x512@1x256x256@2x356x356 px
256x256 px256x256@1x128x128@2x178x178 px
128x128 px128x128@1xN/A88x88 px
64x64 pxN/A32x32@2x44x44 px
32x32 px32x32@1x16x16@2x20x20 px
16x16 px16x16@1xN/A10x10 px

Also, after testing various background colors for the icon on different wallpapers and within the context of other macOS icons, this gradient (composed of three colors from Firefox's brand palette — #9059FF, #7543E3, & #582ACB) feels by far the most natural imo:



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When will the firefox icon be adapted to the macbook dock.

Thank you very much for your work.


A quand l’icône de firefox adapté au dock des macbook.

Merci beaucoup pour votre travail.

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The firefox icon is still not updated which creates a visual disharmony for me, I hope they change it soon.
Captura de Pantalla 2022-09-17 a la(s) 16.41.11.png
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Mwaka92i@joshmero and others,

A quick update...

We are aiming to deliver this with Firefox 106.

Thanks for your patience and continuing to share great ideas!

-The Community Team


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Supeeeeer - Merci a vous

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I’m on Firefox Developer Edition and already have the new icon. However, it’s smaller than the other icons. It’s kinda in an uncanny valley territory because it’s close to the right size, but not quite. Really visually annoying and I’d strongly prefer the old one back or the size to be fixed. It’s smaller both in the dock and in the Command-Tab screen.