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Strollin' around
Status: In development


I was very surprised that Thunderbird does not offer an option to show the e-mail-adress of the sender in a column in the table (like the columns "From" and "Correspondents"). This new column would be very useful to quickly identify spam/junk e-mails.

This feature can be added with add-ons:

This feature seems very basic and simple and like it should not require an add-on.

If you do a Google search for this feature, then you find many people, who have asked for this feature for many years.

Strollin' around

Mozilla Team please, what is your idea to at least detect spam mails with seeing at least the full address of the sender? to open each single one? The 'feature' to only show the name given by the spammers is the reason I fear I have to search for a new email client. It it a MUST-MUST-MUST

New member

Finally, it happened!
We will be able to put aside the "BetterBird" that until now had helped us eliminate piles of spam while Thunderbird persisted in imposing on us the so-called "name" of the sender, that anyone can replace with anything...
The probable advertisers who supported this execrable choice, will be able - once again - to go to the spam bin which will be emptied automatically without us ever having to know even their name!
Only junk merchants need advertising to sell their filth...



@Mars4i wrote:
The Full Address Column add on is working again

For information purposes

Add-on authors are not obligated to have their add-ons work in beta. So expect some or all of your add-ons to not work. Or if they do work today, they may not work tomorrow. Consult the add-ons FAQ if you have difficulty.