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New member
Status: New idea

hello. I would like to make a feature request. I am using Firefox mobile for Android. And I have noticed that the phisical keyboard support is very low compared with chrome. For example. Even if I press the search key. The search box does not come up. And when I am presented with options from search results, I can't use the arrow keys to pick the option I want. And also there is no way to use the Firefox menu using the keyboard.

II would like to need to touch the screen as little as possible. And this is something chrome still does better than Firefox.


Thanks in advanced,

Usmar Padow(amigojapan)

New member

I agree, not having such essential shortcuts like Ctrl+L, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+T, Alt+Left, Alt+Right, Ctrl+W is truly debilitating.

Strollin' around

This is very important for multiple reasons:
1. Tablets are getting popular, both for personal and work-related use. Keyboard hot keys are a boon for productivity!
2. Disabled users sometimes rely on customized hot keys.
I'd be even glad to donate funds specifically to support the development of this feature.