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After discussing in german camp firefox, it would help me and others, if I could select if bookmarks or bookmark folders should be synchronized or not. Today for syncing bookmarks, there's "ALL OR NOTHING".

BEST way from my point of view would be the option to mark bookmarks with a "private" stamp and this bookmark would be linked to the computer name. So it is synchronized with the profile server, but isn't distributed with sync to other computers with my profile.

ALTERNATIVE would be to mark them or seperate them als "synchronized/open bookmarks" and "private bookmarks" and I can select in my Firefox sync profile if I want to sync all or just the open bookmarks.

mod.: Maybe the term "local bookmarks" would describe it better. But I'd prefer a "local" value on the bookmark instead of a seperate category/bookmark structure, which could also be a solution. I don't want two seperate bookmark structures (personal preference), I want them within my existing bookmarks, maybe with a different icon in front.

Not all computers are locked and managed with own profiles for family members. Family members use my profile on my 2nd "hobby" laptop computer which is laying around, but shouldn't bother about using or even deleting bookmarks I only use on my major computer that I use for hobby and work. So I could stop spreading my work bookmarks to the 2nd computer. And be sure that nobody deletes them from my work computer by deleting them from the 2nd.

I know that using different profiles would help, but in daily routine, there must be a way to seperate synced and un-synced bookmarks within one profile.

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