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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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@manudepradaDon't take it out on Jon, he's probably just a middle-man and nothing he could actually other than telling them "guys, people really have been asking for this for a while".

I really really don't want to go back to Edge, or a chromium based browser for that matter. I don't like Brave. So I hope the guys at Mozilla/FF get their stuff together and go at it soon.

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I agree with @MrLion28. Don't target someone for insults, we're better than that.

I have no plans to go back to Brave, I don't trust the owner. Also, as much as I like Jon von Tetzchner, I'm constantly fighting profile errors in Vivaldi and it still doesn't feel polished enough.

A lack of tab management options isn't a deal breaker for me, but I do plan on keeping an eye out for other browser options.

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Tab grouping becomes an essential feature as the workflow becomes heavy. It is imperative when going through multiple work streams parallelly. Extensions do not cut it and I am not a fan of using too many extensions (and I don't think I am alone in this ). I already use 5 non-compromisable extensions and do not want to use more, especially for tab management.

If I am not mistaken, Firefox was one of the first browsers to host tab groups, a feature Mozilla decided to remove for reasons unknown. Other browsers have since caught up, and offer this feature even on mobile. I love the privacy, features and peace of mind of using Firefox and am a big fan of the browser, but I am forced to consider other browsers for heavy workflows due to this limitation.

I hope Mozilla works on this soon. It is already too late. Please prioritise this feature.

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@MrLion28here's some perspective for you. If you're not comfortable with what your company does, don't work there. Maybe @Jon told us literally everything he knows, wouldn't that be something, if they keep him in the dark same as us? Lol.


I get it, he's not directly responsible and sure enough I won't blame the community manager for some executive decision / developer problem. But... where else am I supposed to express my frustration?


I know the people here care about Firefox, I don't wanna switch to chromium either, but... This is a very very important qol feature for tab hoarders. This would literally lessen my anxiety and improve my browser stability and responsiveness. I would rather harass the community guy than be another dot on the chromium popularity chart. That's why we're trying to be vocal about our needs. Nothing against the messenger.

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@TeraxHey, good morning! I disagree on some aspects. Or half-agree. Grey area, complex and difficult topic. But in short:

  • You can totally express your frustration here! I think you have (and should have) the right to do so; I also think we've all been doing so in the past YEAR AND A HALF (lol). I was just saying we can't say things like "Jon, stop being a lazy bum! Do your job!" or anything directly targeted at them as we don't know what they DO know or DON'T know or can/cannot do. For now, they're just the middle person. We can, however, in the meantime, say **bleep** MOZILLA and GET YOUR **bleep** TOGETHER ASAP.
  • The whole argument of "if you don't like something just leave" is a sensible thing to do sometimes, but if I've learnt something over the years is that the more you separate/leave the least things change. And also, on a more real and serious case, many people around the world have to endure BS from their workplace, but they can't just simply up and leave and say "F u" to the manager and then come back home and say "Honey, I'm home but also without a job and salary". It's not as easy. It is "simple" as it sounds, but it's not easy. There's a difference.
  • To give you a bit of piece of mind: I did change to Brave... yesterday. For a day. I can't use that. I don't want to use Chrome/Edge again, let alone Opera. Don't want or need Vivaldi (too much stuff/closed source). I've been researching and one of the arguments that most resounded with me was (for Brave): "Out of all the Chromium based browsers, Brave is open source" (Excluding chromium of course). But as you mentioned, I also don't want to give Chromium more use, even if in light of recent events and information I feel we're not doing anything important here really, considering Mozilla's management and funds. That said, the customizability, modularity and the "chonk" in the tab bar of Firefox is something I can't give up. Brave looked thin, hard to read and operate. In conclusion, after a lot of thinking, Firefox is the worst best (or best worst) case scenario and browser we can use that does not give too much problems.

If Jon is like one of us, wanting to improve the browser, I hope he has good new info soon.

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Tab Groups






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Yes, sometimes I miss the time when I was an Opera Presto user and was able to group open tabs by simple drag-and-drop.

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As said previously, Opera also has this. It's called Tab Islands and it's looking pretty **bleep** good.

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I'm surfing decades. I'll user chrome for work and firefox for personal browsing. I'm a havy user of tabs.

I'll like the idee of tab-workspace with tab-group in them It would make mylife with firefox that more simple.

Just my idee how I wordk with firefox, all resprect to those who work an other way.

Kind greetings,

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I have been waiting for this feature for a very long time. It has been annoying enough to make me try all other new browsers out there... but I kept going back to Firefox. Until now. Hear me out: I found the perfect alternative, except for... it only works on macOs 🤷‍♂️. It's called Orion, by a company called Kagi. They say it is even more private and safe than Firefox (I'm not an expert, wouldn't know about that), it does have TAB GROUPS, and you can have different profile windows (not the same as containers, but does the trick for me), and it has the best UI I've ever seen! Great user experience! Their iPhone app is amazing, and it connects wonderfully to the desktop app! I'm finally ditching Firefox! After... idk, forever? I've been loyal to Firefox all my life, but not having tab groups in 2023 is too much... Farewell! It was nice while it lasted ❤️ kisses! bye bye! 

ps. special thanks to Drive4ik who created Simple Tab Groups extension which has given me a good enough tab grouping experience in Firefox for a while. May the force be with you!

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Lost hope from Firefox for tab grouping, will move to chrome after completing my Chrome extension to manage messy long list of bookmarks in Firefox.

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Can't wait to see this feature in both desktop and mobile

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It'd be fabulous to be able to group tabs together, like Chrome and Edge are able to do, without a 3rd-party extension/add-on. Personally, I have anywhere from 9-17 tabs open at any given time, many of which should be grouped together to not be a hot mess to navigate through.

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I pretty much agree with everything said by @Vinci480. Chrome's tab groups are the simplest (get the work done) and (IMO) the nearest thing to a fit-all solution (for sure there are better).
Sad this is taking so long 😞

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Wanted to give Firefox a go based on the recent controversy around Chrome, but honestly the loss of tab groups is too much for me to deal with. I won't switch to firefox until it has something less clunky than the various addons I tried to address the issue.