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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

Strollin' around

@alfcapOh wow, Vivaldi's Workpaces and Tab-Stack feature is exactly the idea I suggested which was merged with this one, to a tee!! and even better you can rename Tab-Stacks but sadly can't give it a custom color but you could use emojies ( for people with dyslexia and other disabilities using color and icon helps a lot)

However visually it was not that appealing to me, not theme wise, but shape of tabs or something, I just tested for a half an hour.

The profile Managment in Vivaldi looked better user experience wise, but sadly even though I use profiles but I am more of a heavy user of Multi-Account Containers which Vivaldi doesn't have. the containers are perfect because within same profile I can use several account on a single website at the same time without opening a different profile.

The settings of Vivaldi looked awesome too, felt more intuitive.

Mozilla please implement these features. And I think copying Vivaldi  is smarter than Google Chrome. when an average user Opens Vivaldi they are not overwhelmed and it looks like chrome but then it has advanced features.


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tab group

It would be better if Firefox had tab groups so that tabs with the same content could be grouped

and when you exit Firefox the group tab can be saved so you can reopen it

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We really need tab groups in Firefox, please update API policy or, better, code it natively in Firefox.

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@EruvatarOut of all the Ideas I follow here this is the one which gets more comments and it is what I badly need and Vivaldi has it both work-spaces and tab-grouping. But I am loyal, I hate that I am a loyal person, who really just hate change.

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Do these ideas have any way of follow up or tracking officially from the staff? Remembering to periodically check this page wouldn't be very practical.

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Community Manager

@Clar yes, if the status changes we'll share an update here ... and that often includes a note with additional context from a Product Manager working on the feature.

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Doday I updated Google Chrome on my work PC and found Chrome Tabs very useful! Simple tab groups in firefox are not so easy to use. And there is 2 places to look - tabs at the top. And Simple Tab Groups extension panel on the side. Not very useful. Make tabs like in Chrome.


Maybe Firefox cant do this because of some Patents. Very sad.

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Yes! I need this *so* badly...

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I've been following this particular thread for a good long while now and figured it couldn't hurt to throw my two cents in. Much like everyone else who's commented, I think that implementing tab grouping into Firefox would be a huge improvement to its usability and productivity; Particularly for notorious tab hoarders such as myself (sitting at 271 as of writing this). At the same time it would be a great selling point for casual users who've maybe been exposed to the feature in other browsers, such as Chrome or Vivaldi and could help be the catalyst that helps push them towards Firefox, rather than away from it.


Container tabs are a great feature that along with all the multitude of extensions people have made, serve as great ways to meticulously manage your privacy, not so much tabs. That's not too say that their aren't some cool's ideas and ways of using Container's to sort tabs, none of them are exactly all that convenient or even practical for someone who doesn’t already heavily use containers. Take the Container-Tab-Groups extensions for example. While having a lot of cool features and options for grouping your tabs together, the whole process is limited by being tied to containers. Having to log into each site you want to use, each time you make a new container and only being able to realistically have one site per container starts to become very inconvenient, very quickly. Unless you just start using broader and less specific tab groups, but at that point you're starting to defeat the purpose of having containers in the first place. I think this scenario is a good example as to why Containers are really good at what they were designed for, it's just what they were designed for isn't too organize your tabs and the community's continued (and to some degree forced) use of them for that, is simply a bandage over the real problem.


There have been plenty of suggestions from multiple different people in this thread so far, on what kind of derivative of tab grouping should be implemented. Some have mentioned Chrome but in my personal opinion, Vivaldi currently has the best idea at play. Really there are quite a few different parts of their tab management tools/suite that I'd love to see Firefox utilize one day but I digress. Their Tab Stacking feature is what I think Firefox should adopt, along with it's different slew of options. Being able to not only group tabs together but also then have them open and display in a two-tab-level format on the tab bar, is such an amazing thing. Couple that with being able to rename groups and you've got a tool that I think everyone would love.


All of that being said I do genuinely hope that Firefox gets this feature in the near future. It's quite disappointing to know this has been requested for over a year now with only the faintest hope of its implementation coming to fruition. Understandably there are probably been other priorities that needed attention in that time but this isn't something that should be lost in limbo forever either. The support and desire from the community is here, now we just need some change.



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The lack of Tab Grouping for Firefox is the reason I am sticking to Chromium based browsers. I was ready to switch over, but after I found out it's not supported, that's out of the question.

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I have tons of tabs open all the time. Some are about cars, others about some computer subject, perhaps network cards, others are perhaps about sports, and yet others are youtube videos I want to get around to watching but haven't the time for when I come across them.

So because FF doesn't have a means of grouping tabs, I poked around and came across Simple Tabs. Does anyone know off the top of their head whether this add-on allows me to sort my existing many tabs into groups, which I create? And importantly, will I lose all the tabs and have to start over, or may I install the add-on, create the groups, and sort my existing open tabs into these groups?

Many thanks for your time!

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We need this so badly in desktop. Android would be nice too, but I'd prioritize desktop since there's where we do all our heavy browsing and people can keep tons of tabs open all the time.

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Mozilla, please!

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+1 Would be really nice to have this feature.

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I love Firefox, but Tab grouping has been the single most annoying missing feature from it.

I consider Chrome better for everyday usage because of it, but keep sticking to Firefox because it has a much better Web dev experience and mobile apps.

But pretty, please bump this higher on the priority list.