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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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I really wanted to make firefox work, but this is enough to make me switch browsers until it's added.

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Before finally installing Simple Tab Groups extension I have had about 900 tabs open.

Working on two different companies and multiple different market segments my work involve a huge effort in market analysis and technology and partners scouting, so that I opften rushed around in researching, and never got the time to close all the opened tabs.

Simple Tab Groups saved me to discard Firefox after decades of usage since the situation was driving me crazy, needing to use tabs search or just scroll around hundred of tabs just looking at the period I have had searched for a topic

I know Mozilla has not the resources of Google or MS, still I think this is a really valuable feature, so suggest either to load the extension by default, or integrate the feature in the core product.

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I have moved back to Firefox from Chrome - this is a big miss for me - the collapsible nature of it is so helpful for managing ongoing projects and multiple trains of thought through the day. Simple Tabs just isn't as good a process as Chrome - do please see if you can add it to the core functionality.

Strollin' around

The reason I left Firefox is because Firefox lost the ability to handle tab groups and large numbers of tabs. If you are the kind of user that does not keep lots of tabs open at the same time you wouldn't understand. Tab groups are a great way to organize projects and the complex Internet.

I also suspect that the type of person who needs tab groups would also be the type of person to turn off telemetry, and thus Mozilla may underestimate the popularity of features like this.

If Firefox brought back this feature I would likely return, and so would many others.

Strollin' around

Too much discussion slow reaction from Mozilla. I will leave this thread

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This is such a bummer!
There seems to be no progress from Firefox, and there is literally no alternative to Firefox (which is FOSS, Private and NOT Chromium-based)!

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I hope to see this feature someday!

Its very unfortunate to see such lackluster response from mozilla/firefox-team

Strollin' around

I've posted in this thread, but I'll post again because why not, maybe it'll convey that more people are interested in this.

I use Edge on my work laptop and it's crazy how much more productive actual, proper tab grouping makes you, not to mention the huge boost to convenience.

I've been using FF for decades at this point, have switched but always come back. Nothing else comes close, but this is the one major feature where Firefox is lacking.

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I'm also wondering why FF hasn't responded back to this thread in sometime or moved the idea to approved. It's the most voted on idea now.

Most my friends use Chrome and the only feature which gives me pause to switch is their Tab Grouping.

An update would be nice to provide to the community who overwhelmingly support this idea.

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Will they ever add tab grouping like those that are found on Brave, Chrome, and Edge. PLEASE FIREFOX, we need tab grouping outside of the 3rd party extensions we currently have. This is the most popular idea. I would love to start using Firefox again.