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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

Making moves

Here is amazing tab grouping mechanism realised in Yandex Browser. I think its best realisation that exists in browsers industry.


Tab grouping in Yandex browserTab grouping in Yandex browser


I can switch between tab groups easily and fast without any latencies for loading tabs in new group. They can keep in app memory so I can even watch any video in Picture-in-Picture mode being in another group.

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I'm gonna switch back to Edge until we get tab groups I think 😞 sad to go

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As more people move from Chrome to Firefox (like myself recently) I'm guessing this will be a feature lots of previous chrome users will want/expect. Would love to see Mozilla's implementation!

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Can't agree more with the other commenters, this should really be prioritized. Missing grouping tabs in 2023 is a serious misstep for Mozilla.

Strollin' around

I too attempted to come back to FF from Chrome, no tab grouping wat?! Bye Felicia!

Strollin' around

This needs to happen! Tab groups are so incredibly convenient. Not having tab grouping is going to hurt Firefox's popularity bigtime

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+1 for tab grouping/labeling. Would make things so much easier

Strollin' around

It is very unfortunate that there has not been any development in this regard even though it has been almost a year since then. User comments should be taken into account.

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With lotsa folks leaving Chrome this month due to their crappy extension manifest changes, Mozilla is going to see a lot more people complaining they can't group tabs like this. Priority of this suggestion should be skyrocketed.

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I used years ago Opera and there it is called "workspaces". Thats the best tab grouping I ever saw in an browser. Badly Opera sucks with some websites so I moved on to Firefox.

Now over years I tried more than once the Addons for tabgroups and there all not convienient.

Please Firefox give us the tabgroups back. I dont want to move on to Chrome.

And please make it like Opera with "workspaces" and customize Icons.

Strollin' around

This is a must! Will be switching from Chrome the second we get proper tab groups.

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We NEED this feature! I'm using firefox for 10 years and i really MISS customization features firefox was known for. Im working on my computer for 8 hours all-day and i NEED feature to create GROUPED TABS just like bookmark folders but on tabs. Something like this: I click a "grouped tab" and a list of tabs inside pops up, just like when clicking url bar, make this satisfying experience for your users! Autogrouping same pages like on window's taskbar would also look NICE and ahead of other browsers! ❤️


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I use to be an exclusive firefox user, but after stumbling across Chrome's tab groups a few months ago my browsing is split between the two browsers.

Making moves

I opinion that all of these people <talking/saying/commenting> that Firefox should-have Tab-Groups, proves that Mozilla (or whoever made that decision) removing Tab-Groups (or "Panorama" as they also called-it) from Firefox was one of the most ASSININE decisions EVER.

Another decision that was pretty Asinine (especially[,] now that we see Google calling-the-shots in almost EVERYWHERE), was getting-rid of Firefox's own created "XUL" and <i don't remember what the name of the other one was but it-also started with an "X"> technologies, and replacing them with Google's own "WebExtensions" technology, which made it dependant on Google. And now that Google implemented "V3" or <i don't recall what the correct-name of it is; but-hopefully people knew what i was talking-about>  Firefox was even-MORE-forced to adapt to the change and/or to go with the change (even-though and/or even-if they didn't want to).



For more-information on how Firefox made Tab-Groups back in their "4.0"-version of the web-browser, I suggest everyone read "OG"'s-post at the "page 1" of this Mozilla-Firefox feedback page / feedback "thread" / dunno what-else to call it.

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+1 on this