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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

Strollin' around

Here here!

Tabs are the new bookmarks. An intuitive and easy way to organize them is now basic functionality. Existing extensions are clunky and risk loss off data. @rayf If for some reason the Firefox team can't implement native tab grouping (especially a horizontal Chromium-style one) very soon, can we at least get an explanation as to why?

Other than switching to a Chromium-based browser (I don't trust Google) or using extensions (unless there's one that works like Chrome's), are there any current solutions? A Firefox fork with this feature, maybe? OneTab is what I'm using for now, though it's not ideal.

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I love the firefox browser for my mac, but I tend to browse heavily, opening over 30 tabs at a go, it would be nice to be able to group tabs the way chrome does it for easy access.

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Well I just switched to edge because of this. Work forced me to get used to grouping tabs workflow to the point using my personal pc with firefox just felt uncomfortable. I tried vertical tab/tab groping addons like sidebery, but the main problem is that when firefox gets updated all the config and organization I spent time doing gets lost.  Will be back to ff when this is implemented.

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not having tab groups similar to Chrome/Brave is a huge negative for Firefox for me. I love everything else about Firefox but it's hard to not swap back to Chrome because of this

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It's extremely weird how Firefox still doesn't have this feature. Practically all other browsers have it at this point, even Safari!
I really hope that we get something akin to Chrome's or Vivaldi's implementation of tab groups, they are incredibly intuitive and work well. Its one of the last features needed to make Firefox perfect

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As a new Firefox user wanting to transfer over from Chrome: the lack of this feature is the number one thing that holds me back from fully committing to Firefox.

Horizontal chrome-style tab groups were a game-changer for me and my productivity when I was first informed of their existence. They allow for intuitive, quick, compact –but still visible– organization of tabs that is not filled by vertical stacking/grouping tabs in a separate menu. It feels like an absolutely necessary feature in my eyes. Even my friends, who are much less technically inclined and as far away from power users as you can get, use chrome-style tab groups regularly and, in conversation after I voiced my frustration about this, generally said “I’d never give up my groups. My browser would be a mess.”.

It's frustrating to see this present in other browsers for years and this only now getting attention. But, I’m still glad to hear that this is something the team are looking into, and I look forward to hearing about it.

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Not having tab groups like Chrome/other major browsers makes it very hard to continue using Firefox. I love everything else about Firefox but the lack of this feature is difficult

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I just switched back over from chrome after several years, and am a bit disappointed this feature doesn't exist natively, especially on the mobile browser. This should be a feature priority.

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Every browser nowadays has an opportunity to Grouping Tabs! Only Firefox doesn't have! Developers, could you please create such function in short time??? I don't think it is that difficult! A few days of work and that's it!

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(Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread)

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I just switched from chrome and tab groups is really one feature that I miss. And that's why I use it only at home, because I have many tabs with tickets opened at work and it is really convenient to group them by ticket.

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It is a must to add nowadays for a browser!

Strollin' around

I really need this feature badly. Deficiency of this feature in Firefox is making me use Chrome browser at work for productivity.

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I use tabs a lot as well and this is a must have for me.

The chrome solution is a good one (auto-colapse group is amazing for removing visual clutter), but i would prefer if every group would be a container (isolated from the others).

Tab groups has a loooooong history in Firefox (almost from the very beginning of it), and considering the popularity of the add-ons it keeps me puzzled how Mozilla never picked up the idea years ago (way before even chrome appeared!). We could be soo ahead instead of being soo behind...

I truly think we don't need a brainiac to see how this should be in Firefox...

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Total !!