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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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Yes, I was very disappointed when I learned Firefox didn't have the Chrome-like tab grouping. It is so very handy when you get many tabs. The solutions Firefox extensions offer aren't the same.


Strollin' around

Just switched to Edge for this feature after long years of Firefox... Firefox seems to be the only browser right now that doesn't support tab groups and custom extensions do not seem to be stable enough to count as an option.

For me, tab grouping is a must-have feature to get an overview of all the tabs I have open before I file them somewhere else. So the option to "retire" inactive tabs as in Edge would be very welcome. Perhaps even with a reminder if a group has not been looked at for a few days?

It would be awesome if the implementation could get some priority 🙂

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Group tabs

Create a feature that will allow us to group tabs together to take up less space.

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I switched from Chrome to Firefox some several months ago and almost switched right back for the lack of native tab grouping and any suitably comparable extension. I do a lot of writing and have several tabs that I keep open at all times so I can refer to them easily the moment I need them, and it was incredibly convenient in Chrome to be able to bunch them all up together and collapse them down into one little neatly labeled package. I've avoided the worst of the clutter by keeping some of my most-used tabs pinned, but it's just not the same. I miss this feature so much that I'm still googling about it months later, hoping that I might by some miracle find a solution...

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The lack of SIMPLE tab groups is why I'm finding the switch from Chrome to Firefox so hard. All plugins that attempt tab groups try to be much more than just... tab groups.

I just want basic tab groups that work just like they do in Chrome/Brave/Edge etc.

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Don't know is anyone said that before, but TST is a good project for Mozilla to take care of. It's very messy, but it's a good base, I think.




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This would be awesome. I have yet to make the full switch to Firefox simply due to the lack of horizontal tab grouping which is necessary for the work I do day to day. Chrome is leagues ahead on this front, but Firefox is leagues ahead on speed and efficiency.

In Firefox, first closing then combining all my tabs into a messy vertical list seems to be the only way to do something similar to Chrome's tab grouping which just doesn't organizationally work and it's hardly organizing. It's basically a place to dump webpages you once had open and may or may not need later.

The point of grouping tabs is to have categories that you know what would be in that group, when everything is tossed into a list, you might as well just go back to bookmarks and having things open automatically when you open Firefox.

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Please folks, please consider this. This is such a vital feature that would benefit Firefox users so well. It would also help with increasing usage numbers, I know too many people that specifically won't try Firefox because this feature (that almost all other browsers have) is missing.

Making moves

@Jonis there an update on this topic, yet?
It has had the status "Exploring more" for quite a while now. Anything we can do/help with, in order for this feature to be released rather sooner than later?

Strollin' around

Please add this on both desktop and mobile versions of firefox, I desperately want this feature!


Thank you so much for your comments on this particular theme area. This will be an area that we do some investigation around in our 2023 efforts and hope to communicate some updates on it soon.

Making moves

"Some investigation"
"2023 efforts"
With all due respect and in all sincerity, what is taking you so long guys?
This feature has been proposed in March and is already available in the other major browsers for quite some time. And Firefox, once the king of customizability, hasn't even started the implementation?

Please ... interact with the community to finetune ideas around this feature. Let us help answering remaining questions. I will be the first (or second) to test first implementations in Nightly.
But don't postpone this to 2023. Are resources really that limited?

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@rayfReally excited to hear that this is finally getting more focus again.
Hope it can be inplemented without too much hassle for the Dev Team.

If you need any more Feedback or need me or others to join a Beta build or so just let us know.

Strollin' around

@rayf  Really excited to hear that this is finally getting more focus again.
Hope the Dev Team doesn't have too much hassle when trying to come up with a good implementation.

If you need me or any other people to give more Feedback or join a Beta build for it then just let us know!

Making moves

Would like this very much as well.

Maybe improve the Multi Account Containers add-on could be the solution.
This way only the ones who really use Groups could use it while benefiting of increased privacy.

Multi Account Containers, currently, only lacks a "View Only Tabs From the Active Container" option (and, naturally, performance improvements for this)