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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

Strollin' around

Thanks for the quick response @Jon

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I have tried posting comments, but get rejected for authentication verification failed... Why?

Strollin' around

I would love native tab grouping!

especially because i extensively use firefox mobile. to my knowledge there are no addons to support grouping on mobile.

very necessary to me would be the following in that regard:

  • native sync-support for tab groups across devices. this would make it much easier to continue research or work from another device, since an entire collection from another device can be prepared and opened simultaneously.
  • nested tab groups. i would like them to essentially behave as a folder structure. this would also allow entire bookmark folders to be opened as tab groups.
  • on mobile the different kinds of tab layout views can also enable different kinds of interacting with the grouping. in the grid view the tapping on a tab group could mean "entering" it, essentially constituting a context switch. in the list view the same behaviour would be possible. but I would definitely prefer a folding view, where the entries of the group are simplx beneath but indented and maybe with some visual indicator, that the objects belong together: a slightly darker background or a vertical line next to them that extends from the group indicator, that also has an orthagonal extension for every element.
  • this would probably necessetate some way of moving tabs amongst themselves to change their order or enter them into a group.
  • for the sync-view there should probably also be a way of folding up groups
  • maybe there should be a way to have certain tabs automatically spawn in their own tab group, or an option in the right-click/long-press menu for this. I often find myself opening many search results simultaneously. it would be convenient to have all of these then in one group neatly packed together.

nested tab grouping could facilitate the following behaviour:

  • having folders for different start configurations: want to check the news? open a tab group that has your favourite sites organized in different folders. to check some blogs, there is another folder. want to do both? open a tab group that has both inside.
  • having a tab group with tab groups that are somewhat permanent, other ones that are more temporary
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Yes it is a great idea. Firefox should defintly work on this.

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I've found firefox on mobile excessively difficult to use the last couple years because of the lack of tab groups and rearranging. I really liked the tab groups on desktop but have been able to replace it with multiple windows or just putting related tabs next to each other. But on mobile I switched partially to vivaldi because it's too frustrating and overwhelming to not be able to group or rearrange tabs at all. Even using vivaldi for many things, I still have nearly 1000 tabs on Firefox on my phone, most of which are duplicates or no longer needed, but it doesn't feel worth it to go through and cull them if I can't also somehow sort the ones I still need so this doesn't happen again. Even if there weren't groups but I could just rearrange them I would be able to quit vivaldi. I've managed to convert quite a few people to firefox on desktop but no one to firefox on mobile. If Firefox had mobile tab groups and group syncing I know many people who would start using it. If I could have only one change to firefox for mobile it would be to add vivaldi-like tab groups and rearranging. As I'm heading into the school year, I need to be able to organize what is for school, work, and different personal functions and I am not able to do this on mobile firefox at all.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@nshipp9 thanks for the feedback! There's an idea for Mobile tab grouping that is currently being reviewed by our Product team. Please feel free to upvote and add your input there.

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I need that so bad, srsly considerung switching to chrome for tab groups though i really dont wanna...

Strollin' around

When will it be avaiable?

Strollin' around

Yes, grouping would be such a QOL improvement i can´t even state how much of an improvement it would be.

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I would love to have native tab groups. I'm a heavy tab user as well.

I'm using Simple Tab Groups but the way Chrome does it is more elegant. I don't want to use Chrome, so maybe Mozilla can bring back native support for this.

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Yes! Please bring back tab groups. I keep finding myself choosing chrome based browsers over Firefox because of the lack of tab groups. I have tried the tab addons and I just prefer the way Chrome based browsers do it. Please Mozilla make this a priority!

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Yes! Please bring back tab groups. I find myself using chrome based browsers over firefox daily as I just cannot live without this feature. I have tried many add-ons and they just don't do it as well as the chrome based browsers. Please bring this back Mozilla. I really want to come back to using Firefox as my daily driver on both desktop and mobile.

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Please! This is the only thing keeping me from moving from Chrome to Firefox.

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Seriously come on. Tree style sucks why is something that chrome does so easily so hard

Strollin' around

I am planing to swicth to chrome until firefox have tab groups. I hope it won't take so long. Tab grouping is a must for me.