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Status: Delivered

Add mousepad gestures into firefox to two finger swipe left to go "back: or right to go "forward".

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This thing is working now after the update to version 105. Yay🥳🥳

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Great job all around! This idea has now been delivered—the feature is available on Windows in Firefox 105. Linus is up next in Firefox 106.

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This is about "mousepad" gestures. What about "mouse" gestures (hold RMB and move the mouse? I submitted a suggestion about that but it got merged with this one.

I will greatly appreciate if you consider adding mouse gestures. I am so used to them from Opera that it is the only reason I can't switch to FF yet. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the heads up, @wyvorn. Your post is now a separate idea and can be found here:

Native mouse gestures on desktop 


Quick update on the latest updates for the  Swipe2Nav feature: We just landed a new animation style and color scheme on Nightly that is currently  in x111.  Power users can adjust the Swipe end position by customizing


in the about:config settings. The feature now meets UX Design requirements to harmonize the look and feel across platforms

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This is a good feature. I'm on Fedora (KDE Plasma) and I miss this feature in Brave (which I use because FireFox is missing some features still).

However, although the FireFox gesture is great, it's too sentitive. There should be a threshold angle as well as axial proportion awareness (angle threshold would possibly be enough depending on the ability to interpret an average swipe direction instead of being triggered by inaccurate and fluctuating swipe angles).

Currently, you need to be careful to scroll very vertically for it not to trigger the sideways gesture, which doesn't make sense considering it's clearly being swiped vertically. To visualize it, even swiping a shape which looks like the backslash ( \ ) should still be interpreted as scrolling, Personally, I'd say something closer to 45 degrees would be sensible. 🙂

It also seems to cancel the scrolling gesture if it misinterprets the user's intention, which gets annoying not to mention risky (as it can cancel an important form-session or any other live sessions where work or connection gets lost as a result.

The visual feedback is already great, so it only needs some fine-tuning and it's a bulletproof feature. I didn't have any luck adjusting any config options related to gesture sensitivity. It must either not be enabled or relating to something else.