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With the ability to move tabs currently in nightly it would also be nice to be able to group tabs the same way chrome does.

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Another vote for this feature - I'd love to permanently switch to Firefox on mobile, but it is significantly less usable than chromium browsers due to lack of tab grouping.

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Absolutely great idea, this is my favorite feature from Chromium based browsers.

I swapped to Firefox for the ability to use add-ons on mobile and extra privacy controls.

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@Jon- a month later do you have an update on this?

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@captnflintysame here, I moved to Firefox mobile for various reasons but I haven't been able to leave Chrome because of this.

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Just adding my vote here. I badly want to switch to FIrefox permanently, but I really can't live without that beautiful 'open tab in new group' feature that Chrome has. 

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I desperately want this feature so I can sync my computer with my phone. The lack of tab grouping is the only reason I'm still using Chrome. I have tried multiple times to use firefox, but because I use so many tabs (stackoverflow, c# documentation...) that my screen just gets cluttered and I can't get to any tab in a quick manner.

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@Jon what came back from the mobile team?


It looks like Microsoft is also adding this to Edge, though it isn't up and running yet.

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Disappointed this hasn't been implemented.

I was about to switch over from Chrome as it has issues. Guess I'm back to the drawing board 😞

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Is it possible to get an update on this? @Jon