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Status: New idea

When selecting many tabs to send them to another firefox instance (eg my android to my desktop), presently the list of selected tabs "disappears" after sending because after send-to-device is complete firefox bounces you not back to the tab view, but back to the last webpage.  Tab-view is exited, so the selection is lost.

They should stay "selected", which I imagine would be implemented as just returning to the tab screen/activity rather than back to some webpage.  I feel this is justified because:

  • it takes a *long* time to select many tabs on mobile, especially when you have to sort through to selectively choose them.  It's trivial for me to exit the tab-selection view if I didn't want to do something else with that list of tabs, but FF mobile doesn't allow me this option
  • This feature would make mobile consistent with how desktop behaves: sharing a group of tabs does not cause the selection to disappear; tabs stay selected.
  • A common use case for selecting many tabs is to "move" from a mobile session to a desktop once it becomes available.  In that case it's always "send", then "close on mobile".  Presently one has to manually re-select all the tabs a second time to close them, which is really painful.

Thank you.

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