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In my account receiving newsletters & news feeds, I want to suppress a lot of messages based on the subject or the body.

I have several dozens entries in an "any" rule with (for instance) "Subject" "contains" "x",  "Subject" "contains" "y", ...

Opening the dialog box for this rule is extremely slow because of the number of entries and it's not easy to manage.

I'd love to have only one rule "Subject" "contains" "@file d:\data\filter1.txt" (or @file /home/me/filter1) and manage all keywords in a file (one per line) that I can easily sort, maybe automatically generated, etc. The rule itself would be much clearer as well.

The "@file" keyword is only an example obviously, but such a keyword would allow using all existing operators (so I could have one file for subject and one for body in the same rule).

Thanks for you support

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